Fruit of the Loom:
Getaway with the Fruit People

To launch their brand new Getaway Collection, Fruit of the Loom enlisted the Fruit People to take some PTO and hit the road towards the ultimate spring break destination: South Padre. Lucky for us, the Fruit People took to TikTok to record all of their road trip hijinks along the way.

With millions of impressions, the Getaway Road Trip was the most viewed content across Fruit of the Loom’s TikTok and Instagram.

Made at GSD&M
Writer: Jeanne Janutol
CDs: Jessica Zalaznick & Joel Williams
Social Strategy: Meghan Duran
Producer: John McAdorey, Jonathan Wachala
Director: LJ Johnson
Editor: Michael Feldman | Hungry Man
Video & Editing: Johnny Fuchs | GSD&M

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The Route


First thing’s first, the Fruits meet at Fruit of the Loom headquarters to figure out the best way to launch the new collection. Once they hit the road, they make a few stops in the Loan Star state.
Obviously any road trip requires a visit to the ultimate rest stop: Buc-ee’s.
Where else can you eat brisket at 10 am?
Are we there yet? Yes, yes we are. And what better way to let everyone know about the Getaway Collection than with a party? At a laundromat?! Spring break 4eva.
Tuesday Oct 5 2021