Bloody Mary Misogyny

The GSD&M Women’s Group joined forces with Period Law to end the tampon tax in Texas and motivate other red states to do the same.

Texas Senate Law 379 was signed into law on June 18, 2023.🩸💪

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Communication Arts Jury Selection - March/April 2024 Feature, Interactive Annual 30
Communication Arts 2023 Design Shortlist

Made at GSD&M
Writer: Jeanne Janutol
GCD: Nicole DuMouchel
Strategy: Neeti Newaskar
UX/UI: Tori Reneker
Social Strategy: Grace Amiss & Sabrina Spodek

& many others

Case Study


Where we sent our party-goers to contact their reps.


Full of facts that will make you go what the f🩸ck?!


Who better to shed light on the issue than a talking tampon?


The big event where we had a bloody good time.
Tuesday Oct 5 2021