Tyson Chicken:
Instant Craveification

Tyson has hit the freezer aisle with their biggest product launch in years: the chicken sandwich.

And what differentiates this chicken sandwich from all the ones you can get in a drive thru? Well, Tyson’s Chicken Sandwich is the only one with Instant Craveification. Ready in minutes, so you don’t need to wait to satisfy that craving.

Made at GSD&M
Writer: Jeanne Janutol
GCD: Bill Bayne
CDs: Verenice Lopez & Rusty Broome
Producer: Erika McKay
Director: Jake Banks
Editor: Joel Miller | Cut+Run

Out of Home

The craving takeover.


The making of the world’s sexiest microwave. All it needs now is a mini Drake from “Hotline Bling”.
Tuesday Oct 5 2021