2nd Place winner of the Young Shits March 2020 competition.

No one knows that “advertising creative” is a career. So a lot of creatives end up discovering this path way later than their peers – if they ever do.

The brief? Get the word out about this cool ass job!

That’s where Ad Babies comes in. We are a children’s lifestyle brand (sickkk) with the goal of introducing parents AND their babies to the magical world of advertising, where they can make just as big an impact as if they invented a scurvy vaccine. And just as big a paycheck.




Your babies need to be prepared.

Parents need to be prepared too.


Introduce your child to all of the characters that make agencies work.


Baby Shark? Nah… This brand mobile is better.


Ad Professional means business casual. It’s important for your child to express themselves while simultaneously looking like everyone else.


Ad Babies will also partner with beloved children brands like Lego, Barbie, and Little Tikes. What kid doesn’t want to build their own office with an open floor plan? (Mini ping pong tables, food trucks, and beer cart sold separately)

Made at VCU Brandcenter with Nick Garfield